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Dryer Vent Cleaning

How often do vents need cleaning?


IAS, LLC recommends that dryer vents are routinely cleaned at a minimum every 12 - 18 months (sooner in commercial applications).  The better a dryer vent blows, the less lint builds up in it. Short vents blow better than long ones. Full size dryers blow better than smaller stack dryers or older dryers. Vents with a lot of turns and elbows blow worse and build up more lint and require more frequent cleaning (i.e. once a year).




Are dirty vents a fire hazard?


A clogged vent can cause a dryer to run significantly hotter and consequently increases the probability of a fire.   There are many factors that contribute statistically to dryer vent fires in the US – lint filled vents are one of the primary factors in the chain of events that lead up to a fire scenario. Other fire starting factors are as follows: failure of electronic devices - thermostats and limiter switches in the dryer, accumulation of lint inside the dryer, missing or damaged lint screens, and a crushed hose behind the dryer (often found during preliminary fire investigations).  Newspaper articles & magazines sometimes exaggerate fire hazards - but many fire departments and insurance companies recommend that dryer vents be inspected and cleaned regularly.




How does IAS, LLC clean dryer vents?


We perform two types of cleaning: "Routine Maintenance Cleaning” and "Problem (Clogged Vents, etc.) Cleaning":
1. Routine Maintenance Cleaning: All dryer vents are cleaned from the outside using a patented rotary brush and integrated vacuum which utilizes a commercial HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum system (99.97% efficient down to .3 of a micron).  The circular brush system effectively loosens lint, particulate dust, debris, bird nests, etc. sending it to the outside, where we collect it in 6-mil poly bags.  The brush can navigate normally around 1-2 corners, cleaning the flexible hose behind the dryer. No lint enters the dryer or residence.  Following use of the rotary brush the flex hose is HEPA vacuumed to capture the residual particulate dust/lint.  Routine maintenance cleaning is usually performed within a 14-18 month time period on small-large residential homes, apartments and condominiums; once a year in commercial environments.

2.  Problem (Clogged Vents, etc.) Cleaning is performed when commercial operations/households are experiencing major problems (bird nests, clogging, etc. in the vents) and/or the dryer is not drying clothes fast enough.   IAS, LLC will disconnect and pull the dryer out from the wall and blow, brush, vacuum and/or dismantle the primary duct/flex duct - whatever it takes to get the vent clean.






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